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Decontamination systems

SMH has been a leading manufacturer of decontamination units for over 30 years. From our manufacturing base in South Shields, we design and build specialist decontamination shower systems to meet a range of requirements: personnel or equipment decontamination, trailer-based mobile units or container-built static units, self-contained or modular safety showers. SMH decontamination units have been developed for the asbestos removal industry and meet the stringent requirements of HSG247 Asbestos: The licensed contractors’ guide, but we can adapt them to deal with a range of industries and different hazardous materials.

Many of our decontamination units are custom built, so if you are looking for something specific or just want a bit more information about what we can do, contact your local branch direct.

We also have one of the largest hire fleets of decontamination units in the UK, so get in touch if you would prefer to hire a unit.

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