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Dusty work? Tackle airborne hazards by making an SMH air filtration unit your first line of defence

Approximately 12,000 people die of occupational respiratory diseases annually - so if you are cutting, sanding, blasting, grinding, or just working in a dusty environment where levels of inhalable or respirable particles regularly exceed the WEL, you should think seriously about the measures you are using to control dust in your workplace.


Cleaner air from SMH

SMH has a range of air filtration units, often referred to as air scrubbers. These are portable air filtration devices that work remove particles, airborne particulate and fibres from the air in an enclosed space. From compact units suitable for domestic use, to industrial-sized units, SMH has something for every size of job.


How do they work?

Air is drawn into the unit and through a pre-filter which removes all particulate down to 10µm. The air then passes through a specialist HEPA filter which removes 99.995% of all particulates greater than 0.3µm in diameter. 

For reference, 40µm is just about visible to the naked eye, and hazardous asbestos fibres are typically around 3µm.


Why not just wear a mask?

The HSE is very clear that personal protective equipment should be the last resort against dust and particles in the air, and should not be the sole control measure: relying on individual compliance with RPE method statements without Big Brother watching your site is risking your workers' health and your compliance with H&S regulations. In addition, Schedule 1 of the Managing Health and Safety at Work Act 1999 calls for collective measures over individual measures - so cleaning the air in the working environment should be prioritised over the individual use of masks or other PPE. 

Using an SMH air filtration unit will improve the air quality of your working environment and could even negate the need for respiratory protection. It will also protect anyone who is in the area but without the correct RPE.


Need some advice?

For information and advice, contact Craig Thomson on 07584436408 or email him direct by clicking here.