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Static larder units for the Forestry Commission

In 2015, Forestry Commission England went out to open tender for three static deer larder units to allow the on-site preparation and storage of deer carcasses in the Yorkshire, Central and North Forest Districts.


The challenge

The larder units had to handle approximately 15—20 deer carcasses at any one time, keeping them chilled to below 7°C. They were required to comply with the Food Standards Agency guidelines and EU food standards 2006, including being easy to clean and decontaminate. A separate office was needed to complete carcass record and tag information in comfort, and one unit was to have a toilet fitted.

Although the units were to be sited in one location for a considerable period, they also needed to be easily re-locatable.


The solution

In consultation with the customer, we developed the standard SMH larder unit design of three internal areas – office, prep area and chiller room— to fully meet their needs. This included building a container to the exact dimensions required, incorporating features such as an IP rated hoist, fly trap and UV knife steriliser, and in-line scales to make the recording of carcass weights easier. We also used our unique waste water drains with multi-stage filtration to prevent solid waste from blocking the drains from the unit.

The deer larder units were designed to be ‘plug and play’, with standard external fittings for water and power in, and waste water out, minimising commissioning on site, and making relocation straightforward. An external tap was cased in a frost-proof box, and an IP rated external socket was also included.


The result

“We recently purchased three units from SMH. Communication throughout the project was excellent and we were very happy with the quality of the end product.”

Forestry Commission England